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The images shown on this site may not be used without respecting the photographer's rights.

The digital medium makes no difference to the rules concerning use of image. Just as with the silver medium, the mere possession of a digital file does not in any circumstance authorize use of its contents.

By whatever means a photograph is displayed or distributed(exhibition, reproduction, advertising, the internet, etc.) it must be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the photographer's name which is clearly legible and leaves no possibility of confusion.

Instructions for the distribution and use of website materials

The images, headings and information on this website are protected by the French code of intellectual Property(law no. 92-597 of 1july 1992). Every instance of use must be provided for by a transfer agreement, otherwise it will be regarded as a forgery.

With every publication the following acknowledgement : Photo © Daniel Goudrouffe must appear legibly and unambiguously.

For information about the conditions of distribution,

Please refer to the contract of author's note corresponding to the material(s) concerned. In every case, the communication and use of photographs are subject to the terms of the French code of intellectual Property and are independent of the rights of third parties, to whom the user must apply directly to obtain authorization to publish.

The possibility of downloading photographs does not authorize you to use these images without informing the photographer.

Thank you for respecting these rules concerning the distribution of my photographs, and for contacting me with any request for extension of rights or for further information

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